Shawn Phillips with guitar

Shawn Phillips performing on stage

Shawn Phillips singing in the 1970s


January 2024

Shawn Phillips is pleased to announce his 2024 tour

The man whom Bill Graham called “The best kept secret in the music business”, who taught Joni Mitchell her first guitar techniques, also taught George Harrison of the Beatles his first lessons on Sitar, the man who wrote the music to Donovan’s “Season Of The Witch” and has played with many of the finest musicians in the world including Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. He’s produced 27 Albums and is known around the world for his refusal to bow down to commercialism in the music industry.

He has done what many singer/songwriters do not do, which is continue to evolve his creative skills in his concerts. When he comes into a venue, he brings the sounds of an entire Symphony Orchestra in real time, and plays the songs so many love as close as possible to what was recorded on the albums. All in real time! All solo!

He has a powerful show he that  you do not want to miss!

Tickets are going fast, so you should book now!

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