It is time for me to make my 25th CD, "Continuance". I have always worked at producing the finest quality music that will appeal to everyone who hears it.

 Because of the facilities I will be working in, I expect this project to have outstanding production and musicians. It will be a soundtrack to your life! I will be recording at Roselane Studios in Carpinteria Ca. under the watchful eye of my friend Sjoerd Auke Koppert, (Google him) from the beginning of June and I hope to be able to launch this album when I start my 2016 tour of Quebec In August. You can read lots more about the new CD on my Kickstarter page.

I will not be able to do any of this without your donations so we have started a Kickstarter Campaign. There is a saying that I have always tried to live by....."Perfection consists in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well". This requires money - $20,000 or more, but to put that into perspective, it's not even close to what artists like Coldplay, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and other superstars spend on their productions. The rewards are pretty clear and quite groovy. I will add some incentives half way through the campaign - so be sure to keep checking in!